This page contains a list of tools and resources we recommend and use on a regular basis. Most of them are free or at least are very cost effective as we always like to minimize fees as much as possible.  

At first, the various tools and resources will simply be listed here. With time, explanations will be added for each one and quick post may even be published for some.

We also invite you to visit our Dip Factor page. We developed this tool to help decide when to pull the trigger on our favourite Watch List candidates.

It also helps us monitor existing positions in our DIY Portfolio.

*Please note that some links may refer to affiliate programs and that we may receive compensation from affiliate partners if you purchase products using those links.


A powerful tool to manage tasks, projects and do-to lists.

The Dividend Guy

Interesting Dividend Investing blog that provides some of our investment ideas.

My Own Advisor

Well written Canadian blog passionate about personal finance and investing.

TSI Network

Probably our main stock investing source of information where we obtain most of our investment ideas. 
Google Portfolio

An easy way to track your DIY Portfolio.

Globe Investor Watchlist

Download up to date and personalized information about your portfolio.


Technical analysis site offering free stock charts and market analysis.

Yahoo Finance

A free access to stock prices and dividend payments historical data.

Seeking Alpha

Diverse investing information.


Cost effective online brokerage service for Canadian DIY investors.

Questrade Democratic Pricing - 1 cent per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 max


Another online brokerage service that we use.

Million Dollar Journey

Inspiring blog that also provides a ton of useful information.


Formally known as ING Direct, a pioneer of low-cost online banking.

Open an account with my Orange Key and get a $50 Bonus!
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Gail Vaz-Oxlade Debt-Free Forever

Full of information site focused on debt management and personal finance.

Dobber Hockey
Simply the best fantasy hockey site out there.


  1. do you recommend questrade over I Trade?

  2. Not really. Personal experience with both of them very good...

    Questrade is a little cheaper with a basic cost of 4.95$/trade.

    This is especially true since iTrade was acquired by Scotia and they revised their prices a bit. With iTrade, 50K$ is now necessary to get a more competitive basic price of 9.99$/trade. 9.99$ or 4.95$ pretty much the same for investors like me who are not frequent traders.

    Maybe the institution behind iTrade (Scotia) is a little more solid than Questrade but I have no fear investing my money thru Questrade either.

    Thanks for the question and hope my answer helped!

  3. It did quite a bit thanks! Although I would lone to email you privately about your American dividend stocks. Would this be possible? Totally understand if you don't do that.

    1. No problem,

      Feel free to email me at

      Just understand that, not being a licensed professional, I won't have the freedom to give you too specific advice...