December 12, 2020

Hard Work No Guarantee of Success

Some people feel they can accomplish anything by working hard or that hard work is necessary to accomplish anything. They think hard work guarantees them good results and success.

We believe this is simply not true. In fact, we consider you can accomplish a lot and probably much more by working intelligently and doing things better.

We’re not saying to be lazy but, in the end, we are pretty sure there’s more to success than only hard work. In reality, working hard may simply not be enough.

Maybe your boss can be impressed by committed employees that work long hours. But maybe he could be impressed even more by happier efficient employees that accomplish more working less.

Doing the Right Things Right

Some people just don’t work on the right things. There’s no point on working hard if you work on irrelevant stuff.

Take some time to identify priorities and focus more on these tasks. You probably can’t accomplish everything so try to concentrate on realizing what’s truly important.

In the same fashion, you could try to reduce what you are doing wrong.

Even if you work your butt off, you will never get where you want and get things done if you make a lot of it wrong. In that sense, working well is often much more important than working long and hard.

Working the right way or efficiently is crucial and often provides better results than strict hard work.

A lot of your time and energy can be wasted committing unnecessary or repetitive mistakes. In that matter, proper technique can help you execute and do things correctly. As a result, that improved clever technique probably can allow you to accomplish more with less effort.

Making Sustainable Efforts

You can get exhausted if you have to do things over and over or if it takes you too much time and energy to do something.

It’s not possible to have the stamina to work hard all the time. Many completely deplete their reserve of energy working too hard. That increases their chances of getting sick or injured.

Ultimately, doing things correctly using better technique can ensure you can maintain your efforts longer while staying healthy and more relaxed.

In the long haul, adopting an effective sustainable pace should provide better results.

You could do just fine with occasional sprints but all together, life is much more like a marathon.

Optimizing Work and Life

With experience, you can learn to have and maintain a good pace. We really think finding and sustaining your optimal pace can be a winning strategy.

That ideal pace can help you accomplish plenty without getting too tired or exhausted.  You’ll soon realize that getting things done swiftly and maintaining that rhythm for long spans can do wonders.

Having some time to rest and refresh you mind also has to be factored in. Sufficient breaks and exercise can also reduce your stress level.

That optimal pace can both provide you better results and a better quality of life. You probably can accomplish more working less but working better.

Don’t try or expect to be perfect, just try to be better. Learn to improve and seek to get better. Try to maintain an efficient stride.

We liked to also point out that the right way may not be the same unique way for everybody. Within acceptable limits of convention and cooperation, someone could do things a little different. It’s only important that it provides the best results considering the effort involved for them.

The same way, finding your optimal setting can also help you work better. Being comfortable and having less stress can greatly enhance your likelihood to perform good.

For instance, with the recent crisis, a lot of people had no choice to work from home. Some discovered a very pleasant enhanced way to do their job. Others, not so much. So, we suggest making experiences to help identify what works best for you.

Just remember that in the end, working better and perhaps less can simply produce better long-term results.

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