September 03, 2020

Workout The 12-Minute Way (Revisited)

The 12-Minute Series was originally posted in 2012.

We’ve decided to republish it integrally because we believe it can still help as everyone aspires to make things better.

Let’s hope it stirs up the discussion and stimulates you to change the world 12-Minute at a time!

This article was originally posted on February 12, 2012

Whether you want to lose some weight or be in better shape, a simple solution exists:

Add a 12-Minute Workout to your daily routine!

Taking an extra 12 minutes a day or 1 hour a week to work out can greatly improve your figure and your general health.

Don’t serve me the “I don’t have time” excuse because people spend an average of 20 hours a week watching TV. If you can’t do without your favourite shows, you could at least exercise while enjoying them.

Work out playing video games

Speaking of working out in front of the TV, we recently bought a bigger TV. Instead of throwing out the old one, we connected our Wii game console to it. That way, we can relax watching TV on the big flat screen while playing some video games at the same time. I know, it sounds a bit crazy but you should try it!

With new technology these days, video games keep you more and more active. Video games are not a couch potato thing anymore. You can easily find fun games that will give you a good workout. Having fun is often the key to sustaining a workout program. An entertaining hockey game and a hard Wii-Fit workout are always a winning mix for me.

Because these games are accessible at home, they can be a great complimentary workout and easily adapt to a busy schedule. Finding 12 minutes to exercise each day is much simpler when your gym is in your living room or basement. Your kids will love it too.

We don’t suggest video games as your only exercise. Sports and recreational activities are a must and will help you maintain a healthy social life. Getting outdoors is also essential.

12-Minute Walking Break

For most people, a pleasant way to get some fresh air is a nice walk. Walking is also an efficient workout. Those who walk on a regular basis stay in better shape.

Getting out for a 12-Minute Walk each day sounds good!

Develop the habit of a daily walk. Walking early in the morning energizes you for the whole day; it can be a cool break at lunch or in the afternoon; in the evening, walking relaxes you and makes you sleep better.

If you prefer longer walks, 24-minute hikes 3 times a week may suit you.

In the winter, a little snow shovelling can also be a nice 12-Minute Activity to exercise.

Serious Workout

The 12-Minute Theory can also be applied for people who are more serious about training. Some workout maniacs could benefit by toning it down a little and relaxing a bit more.

A good Workout Plan may look like this:

  • Motivate yourself with the small steps-big results approach.                                                                                                    
  • Consider taking a break and changing the pace after a 12-Week Training Program.                                                                     
  • Aim for 12% improvement. A 12% objective can be realistic and attainable; it’s aggressive enough; you’ll be pleased when you reach it and you will deserve a break and some kind of reward.

If you want to be more serious about training; 12 minutes a day is all it takes!

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