January 12, 2020

Perpetually Flourish Living by the Dozen

When you are passionate about something, you go all out. But after a while, you often run out of steam and can’t keep going because you are too exhausted.

Even if you manage to keep doing the right things, sometimes results won’t seem to materialize. This can be harsh and affect your morale.

Other times, you simply get disinterested and won’t accomplish much either. That lack of interest can even make you lazy.

The good news is that a remedy exists to keep fatigue out of the way. Both versions, physical and mental, can be kept at bay living by the dozen.  

Life is a long-haul game and the 12-Minute Method can help you keep pace. It can allow you to find and keep balance to thrive and constantly get significant things done.

So, look for ways to hammer down about a dozen meaningful tasks each day. Set and work towards your short-term (dozen days), mid-term (dozen weeks) and longer-term (one year or a dozen months) objectives. Also give yourself ample time (dozen years) for substantial career goals. You’ll probably get a chance to be considered an expert only after that long.

If you are a writer or would like to become one, composing at least a dozen lines per day can do wonders to provide everlasting inspiration and productivity.

Keep Stamina to Achieve More

Another great advice is trying to focus on the next or present dozen minutes, it can certainly give you a head start.

No one can imagine doing something forever. It would seem unbearable. But most people can certainly do almost anything for dozen minutes. After those first 12 minutes have passed, most could also tackle on an extra 12. After that, an additional 12-Minute segment is easily feasible and so on and so forth. With that mind trick, doing something in the present 12-Minute could allow you to do it for a long while, probably almost forever.

In that fashion, the 12-Minute Approach can allow you to thrive and accomplish much never getting too exhausted.

It’s also good practice to split your day with a dozen hours going on with your activities and the other dozen hours taking care on your needs.

I forgot that during my latest leave of absence and sometimes probably rested a little too much. After a while of that regime, my morale got affected despite being on vacation most of the time. I’ll now keep in mind that you always have to remain active. And especially, when you have extended time off. I think many folks will have to face this as they begin their retirement life. Their spirit and health will depend on it.

Employ 12-Minute Slices to Transform Anything

The greatest thing about the 12-Minute Method is that you could aspire to transform or transmute almost anything using it.

You want to change your world…to change our World…to make the World a better place. You can start today with your first dozen minutes.

After that 12-Minute initial spur, break down your projects or ideas in 12-Minute slices and gradually implement them. 

When you have a dozen minutes to spare, work on your projects and take down another 12-minute fragments. Before you know it, your projects will be well under way and a fulfilling sentiment of accomplishment will emerge from it.

The trick is to split any project into 12-Minute slices, portions, fragments, segments…call it whatever you like. That way, you can easily take smaller steps and gradually work towards your goals.

So, get and keep going to change the World 12-Minute at a time!

Make our World a better place for everyone!

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