October 12, 2019

Becoming Serenely Efficient

In my early years, without knowing why, I was naturally drawn towards things done correctly or with what I now know, efficiently. At that time, I didn’t realize how amazing that frame of mind could eventually make me feel. I now relish the calmness and peace of mind that come with being efficient or more efficient I should rather say. My hope is that one day, others might at least catch a glimpse of the enviable serenity of the efficient.  

To bluntly summarize our actual way of thinking in that regard, our motto has been to accomplish as much as possible with as little as possible. For instance, despite the fact we are willing to work hard, we are always looking for ways to minimize our efforts to still obtain good results. These efficient longings have tainted our actions for a long time now.

To be frank, at a young age, I probably aimed more for perfection. My attention to details got a lot of work done but annoyed quite a few. After some time, I realized trying to become perfect was a fool’s errand because being perfect is simply impossible for us mere humans. Over time, I learn to set free form perfectionism.

Yet I never stopped craving for things done correctly and I slowly found out efficiency was the answer to my prayers. Still young, I naively thought nobody would be against things being done right.

But the more I got exposed to the real world, the more I understood it was not that simple. Many are afraid of people who mostly do things right. They are not willing to change. They wrongly think effective methods will only mean higher standards and hence, more work for them. They don’t see that in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Efficiency certainly demands a little effort to adapt but surely will mean a lot less hassle down the road.  To this day, I constantly struggle to promote efficiency. Fortunately, all those setbacks didn’t deter me from my quest for more efficient ways. The limited number who understand have the chance to enjoy the perks of more efficient manners, like an easier more fulfilling life.

Despite how much my predispositions have evolved; I know I’m not completely there yet and perhaps will never be. But those efficient habits already bring me a lot of peace and calmness. I can imagine how good it could feel and I envy those who aspire to become truly efficient. Meanwhile, I will continue to strive on the path of efficiency and relish all the serenity it can provide me.    

What’s most interesting about it is that, when it gets to a certain degree, efficiency becomes easy and seamless. Everything runs smoothly without anybody really noticing anything. I love it when things flow like that. Often in supporting role, no even realizing I was there to help is probably the best compliment you could make me. I really like it when things go well. Even positive comments become superfluous. That’s my definition of a job well done.

It’s great to know what you are doing. Look to efficiency to bring you that type of relief. It can be an amazing peaceful fulfilling sentiment. Also use it as a wonderful tool to combat stress.

Accomplish More with Less Stress

In our culture, a lot of success stories are the result of passionate work and excellence and that’s all right. But looking for absolute success can sometimes transform into a serious problem under the pressure of overachieving. In that uncompromising pursuit, some stress out of their mind or lose their health working day and night.

We don’t mind hard work but strongly believe success depends more on working intelligently. In that sense, efficiency can reduce the amount of work necessary to succeed. Sustainable efficient efforts can also improve your odds to last and finally succeed. In many ways, working correctly or the right way, not necessarily working a lot, should produce more proficient outcomes. In the end, working more efficiently can be less taxing while still producing better results.

Being efficient won’t mean you will never have to labor to obtain success. Even the most efficient will have to deal with an occasional rush from time to time. Striving to be efficient it not a guarantee but it can greatly increase your chances at success.

Trying to stay calm and to limit stress is a powerful form of efficiency. More efficient methods can upsurge your performance while reducing your stress level. So, when you invest precious resources like your time to improve your technique, think about all the success it could provide you hassle free. In the end, further efficiency will allow you to accomplish a lot more with little time and effort. And in all likelihood, much less worry!

Efficiently Sustain Balanced Effort

Keeping balance is usually very efficient as it can help sustain your efforts for a long while. We often have an image of efficient people as being great sprinters, but the truth may be that they are more like enduring marathon runners. In a sense, staying steady and going a little slower may get you much further.

In that sense, because they can be sustained much longer, measured balanced efforts could get you a long way, a very long way.  Once again here, we will suggest the 12-Minute Method to implement more balance in your life.

The same goes with investing where efficient steady balanced stocks can provide you excellent results in the long run. It may be a little boring, but it works!

In a balanced fashion, learn to know your capabilities and start by staying within them. Make sure to get enough rest and to mix in some pleasure. After a while, slowly extend your limits to get further.

Being efficient means doing enough but not too much. To much leisure can also be a problem. I personally recently found out taking things too easy in my current leave of absence. I probably was a little lazy and really felt guilty about it.

Passionate people usually have more energy. But even them can get out of whack if they don’t take breathers or do something else from time to time.

In some way, to live a balanced more fulfilling life, it’s better to organize your efforts.

Efficient People are Confident in Their Choices

Speaking of organized, efficient people usually are. Well ordered tasks and thoughts also make them confident in their choices. They know their value and how much they can accomplish.  

They have learned to sometimes say no. The efficient person will often accept not doing something because it’s not worth the effort.

Efficient people know how to delegate too. They understand they can’t be good at everything and like everyone else, their time is limited. Sometimes, it’s much more efficient to delegate specialized tasks to someone better than you. It can also be very efficient to delegate some of your work to someone that has much more time that you.

Adopting efficiency can boost your confidence. It’s a great feeling knowing that when you do something, you usually do it right or can learn to do so. You also know you won’t unnecessarily waste precious time and energy. 

When they are less busy, many efficient individuals will rest, plan and prepare. This allows them to focus on execution when they are under more pressure.

In that sense, efficient people are usually organized and prepare but won’t waste time thinking too much. They won’t hesitate to act and put things in motion.

I personally think a lot and often. So, promptly taking action is probably one of the things I could improve the most.

Use Proper Technique to Reduce Waste

There’s no denying doing things in a better way can positively affect many aspects of our lives. Employing less effort is neat but efficient techniques also greatly help to use less resources. This is a significant preoccupation in today’s world where all the environmental turmoil is constantly getting us more worried.

So, make it a point to improve and use proper technique to reduce waste. This message should especially resonate with the younger generation that is particularly environment conscious. Most of us understand they have ample reasons to be concerned and even enraged by our lack of collective constructive actions in the matter.

And remember one of the most precious resource for us mere mortal human beings is time. Make most of it! Also make extra efforts to ensure our overly solicited planet can provide plenty of quality moments to coming generations.

Some people need to wake up because we really need to get something done! Much sooner than later!

Efficiency is Far from Perfection

Speaking of getting things done, sometimes, being effective will be sufficient as there can be many ways to simply do it. In those circumstances, efficient people will rarely stumble in the details. In that sense, the efficient doesn’t look for perfection. He cherishes simplicity and only looks for better ways to obtain desire results.

Don’t confuse efficiency with perfection. Even the most efficient cannot aspire to become perfect. Mistakes will happen but, efficient people will only try to avoid and will not often repeat them. As we elude to, the efficient frame of mind is more about getting better, constructively dealing with failures and continuously improving, than it is about chasing unattainable perfection.

Hence, even any master of efficiency will struggle and suffer setbacks once in a while. But his vast experience, acute tools and studied technique should enable him to deal with these inevitable difficulties more swiftly. 

You could say that the efficient is far from perfect but strives to be better than most.

With age and experience, many find out exceptional efforts are not mandatory to succeed. Determined efficient work can still do the trick to obtain excellent results. In fact, persistence may often be one of the most influential factors. As we said before, less intensive efforts sustained for a longer period often produce better results than shorter extreme more exhausting exertions.

On a side note, it’s pretty ironic that I broke three things precisely the day I write about efficiency. I consider myself fairly efficient but still can be quite clumsy at times.  It’s not my fault (Or is it? Cause maybe I was a tap lazy on maintenance) the dryer just stopped working in the heat of laundry afternoon. Burning the pot boiling water sure was though. One of the silly afflictions of poorly multitasking.

Wise people have accepted they are not perfect and that things might not always go their way. They have learned to let go and not to give power to the negative emotions associated with inevitable missteps and setbacks. They have the patience to continue pulling the right way and to maintain hope. They know things will progressively improve and get better in the long run.

Our final suggestion is to be open to learn and improve. You may not always do things correctly right away, but it is a fact that efficient people are usually fast learners. They may not have been when they started out but have developed that quality over time. Again here, try to lean towards the quiet patience and resolve of the wise.

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