July 12, 2019

Jump Start Change with Only 12-Minute

It’s kind of odd that a lot of people rather dream about being millionaires than actually doing something about it.

But the great thing is that you can start fundamental change with just 12-Minute to spare. In fact, 12-Minute can be the easiest answer to that widespread psychological hurdle that many never seem to surpass. So, if you can’t seem to get things going, remember that you can accomplish anything and everything starting with only 12-Minute.

So, start doing something about it, 12-Minute at a time. The truth is, beginning by investing only 12-Minute, can be a huge first step for improvement for the rest of your life. It’s impossible to accomplish everything all at once so take an easy step, the first step, now!

The long-haul recipe to success and happiness can be quite simple: just think about going forward in the next 12-Minute.

Action Out of Too Much Reflection

I must admit l can be the first to reflect too much. It’s not a crime to think about what you’re going to do. In fact, any accomplishment begins with someone thinking or if you prefer, dreaming about it. Too much reflecting only becomes a problem when it freezes up action.

Make it a rule to limit initial reflection to about 12-Minute. You can get back to it every now and then but, try to ration your thinking time. A good practice can be to find at least one action the get things going within the first 12-Minute.

For instance, many have big resolution like jogging 30 minutes three times a week. But most often, never seem to get to it. So, they end up not jogging at all. The answer to that paralyzing problem is quite simple: how about going out there once to start.

To make things easier, go do it for just 12-Minute the first time out. Also try to savour and enjoy every outing.

Forget about every little detail that could make you stumble along the way. Just concentrate on doing something in the present 12-Minute to keep going forward.

Small Steps Can Keep Action Going

After a quick start that only required 12-Minute, you can keep things going with just an additional 12-Minute. That next 12-Minute can be the following day, after a week or even within an hour if you want to go faster.

The secret after that is simply to repeat the process again and again. You just have to continue with yet another 12-Minute. After a while, all those small 12-Minute steps will get you a long way.

Progressing with that type of easy-going 12-Minute flow can be quite motivating. Gradual 12-Minute Improvement can get you even farther than you can imagine.

Soon enough, you’ll realize you can accomplish anything and everything with 12-Minute chunks. Slowly but surely.

That productive mindset can be adapted to many spheres. For instance, I like to break down writing in 12-line slices. To maintain the writing process healthy, I commit to write at least 12 lines every weekday. Always writing a little ensures some level of productivity and unconsciously fuels inspiration. Try it, you’ll see how your mind won’t suddenly stop working when you do something else. Amazing ideas will come to you when you least expect it.

Within that framework, a useful tip is to quickly take general notes when ideas and potential actions unexpectedly get to your mind, to avoid getting overwhelmed by them. It will free up your mind and allow you to still focus on the task at hand. When you have some available time, you can get back to those notes to develop on them.

Better Than Most Far from Perfect

In today’s pressure-packed competitive world, many will also be immobilized by fear of making mistakes or not being perfect.

Nobody can expect to be or to become perfect. Everyone has to accept they are going to make mistakes.

One secret may be to reduce the scope of your mistakes. Try to avoid huge mistakes and especially make sure to stay away from silly repetitive slip-ups.

Because everyone is bound to falter at some point, learn to effectively work around errors and missteps. Don’t expect perfection out of your team either. Reasonably accept errors that don’t come from you. In most significant projects, plan for some defectiveness and account for delays.

Because everybody has something to improve. Avoid stressing out your squad about staying perfect. Teach and tell them to aim to be better than most but far from perfect. Train them to admit their mistakes and improve on them. In a sense, you can only ensure you do your best and aspire to get better. Furthermore, dealing with difficulties can provide excellent opportunities to help you and your institution grow.

Again, the 12-Minute Approach can be a great way to keep pressure off. Get the ball rolling with 12-Minute stints. Relieve pressure with 12-Minute breaks or 12-Minute actions that can give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Also keep in mind to accomplish as much as possible with as little effort as possible.

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