January 09, 2019

New Year and Dividend Income Update 2019

As usual, figures have been updated on several pages of our blog to reflect 2018 results.

Among others, these pages have been updated:

The accumulating phase of our investing plan is almost over. Somewhat in maintenance mode, we are also trying to remain as tax efficient as possible.

For instance, this year being a low-income one (thanks to our third leave of absence, a big fat 8 month this time around, hooray!), we will transfer some funds from RRSP to TFSA accounts. It’s never desirable to pay taxes but the tax cost incurred now that way will be a lot less steep than in future higher-income years.

Despite a tough year on the markets and capital wise, our Dividend Income is still on the rise as shown by the following chart:

You will note all income is converted into Canadian dollars. So, a relatively strong US dollar was good for us this year. It boosted our US holdings dividend income. 

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