December 24, 2018

Hope for Peace and Happiness

During this festive period, we would like to take a moment to wish you and your family all the best.

Funny enough, we just made a typo and wrote « all the beast » instead. But we think we already got plenty of beast in our sometimes-cruel world.

Let’s hope for something better!

We Can Only Keep Faith

We don’t know about you but taking a pause from these turbulent times seems necessary, as we kind of feel darkness is continually creeping upon us.

Particularly this year, let’s hope for more peace and happiness for everyone in the World.

Fortunately, we can always all do a little more good! Let’s continue to plug along and like Mickey, to spread magic and happiness around!

To paraphrase Star Wars once again, let’s have faith and believe that with Love and patience, the lighter side of the Force will prevail.

Meanwhile, enjoy peaceful joyful times with your friends and family!

Photo by Lady C

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