September 24, 2018

Act for We Not Only Me

In our relentless quest for happiness, thinking about others and acting for the greater good is probably an essential key. It can make you feel wonderful by giving you an amazing sense of purpose and fulfillment. Yet, having the greater good in mind, as with staying calm when your portfolio goes down, is easier said than done. It may become a challenge in the practical scheme of things as everyone can have a hard time coping with the struggles of every day life.

Some of you may find it odd that a DIY investor aspiring to financial independence and early retirement talks that way. Accumulating money may appear like a very selfish thing but in the end, it can also generate extra free time and give better means to take care and help others.

As with many positive individuals out there, we greatly believe in the evolution of Humanity. Maybe things are a tad slow and sometimes appear to go sideways or even backwards but we are still optimistic about general improvement over time.

In the same sense, we profoundly believe in the power of the collective, working together for the benefit of all, instead of just for you. We think you surely will have more success if you fundamentally have good and pure intentions. And you probably won’t achieve much if you are just trying to make more money.

Let’s have a look at our point of view, unique as always, on how to act well for the collectivity.

Everyone Can Have a Relevant Role

Even hockey superstar like PK Subban greatly depend on the contribution of others. PK wouldn’t be able to showcase his talent without many devoted people like icemakers or seat attendants. The role of these humble persons may not be as glorious but it is still vital for the success of whole community. It allows PK to be great inspiration for kids and to give them back a lot of his time and money.

So, everyone has a part to play, no matter how small it may appear. The important thing is to find a role appropriate for everybody. Some will have a more prominent role and others will contribute with a support role to let stars shine. Most stars still respect their support crew and are grateful about their opportunities. Not everyone will be able or should rise to the top but everyone should be able to find their proper place and be happy about contributing in their own way.

People having smaller or different roles doesn’t mean you have to accept mediocrity or incompetence as it can hurt our collective wellbeing. In fact, we should promote excellence and improvement at every level.

Acting with Respect

Embracing your sacred role or vocation is a smart choice on the road to happiness. In that sense, you should always try your best out of respect for Life and others.

Acting with respect still allows you to be mad at someone and to tell him you are. Just make sure to avoid violence of any kind.

For us, respect means you show up on time for meetings and expect others to do so. Out of respect, we should expect everyone to do what they say there going to or at least, to try their best to see things thru. Because some people lack respect, many other wastes precious time repeating themselves or doing incommensurable follow-ups. Unfortunately, unrespectable people often don’t listen, take notes and accomplish what’s expected of them within reasonable time.

Out of respect for Life, try to become as efficient as possible, fight laziness, carelessness and incompetence. 

Efficiency Can Benefit Everyone

Many don’t realize being efficient can be wonderful to serve the collectivity, while also improving and maintaining your own wellbeing. It does not involve working more, it rather means doing things in a better way, working intelligently. Increase everyone’s quality of life working less but accomplishing more with less effort.

Always putting out fires and quick fixing everything can be exhausting in the long run. As an alternative, try to find fundamental solutions that get to the root of problems. Investing some time and ingenuity from the start can save you a lot of hardship later on.

Efficient people are not necessarily perfect. But they are usually trying to improve and learn from their mistakes. Being efficient avoids wasting precious resources and in the end, it can equate to more free time and less stress.

So, focus on being more efficient for the benefit of everyone!

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