August 24, 2018

Treasure Your Freedom

In our world, a lot of people take freedom for granted. Many of us consider it a given right. But it’s also a privilege and we don’t always realize or remember how lucky we are.

Every day, we live as free men, enjoy freedom of speech, have access to wealth and have the enviable opportunity to make choices. So, be grateful and appreciate what you have because…

Many Just Don’t Have That Chance

Some of our neighbors, now closer in this shrinking world, will get imprisoned, beaten or even killed because they are different or if they speak their mind. Other fragile people just lost their mind or never seem to get healthy enough. Other honest folks are not fortunate to get their hands on a little money or a decent job.

Freedom is priceless. Appreciate it while you can and before it’s suddenly unexpectedly taken away from you.

Proudly Exercise Your Freedom of Choice

Personal finances and budgeting is a lot about freedom of choice. You can choose to stay trapped in your spending habits.

Some manage and choose to live a rich life with only a modest salary. They will be grateful and try to remain happy. They will cherish what they have. Others will complain and would never get by even with 10 times that. They simply choose to spend their life in misery.

Reflect on it. You probably have a lot more opportunities to make choices than you think. So embrace your choices and accept the consequences.

Give and Respect Freedom

Giving and respecting freedom doesn’t mean you have to tolerate everything. Everyone is still responsible for their actions. Freedom and justice go hand in hand. Despite their relative freedom, everyone should justly be accountable for their actions, both good and bad.

Please don’t get spoiled and abuse your freedom. Don’t give in and ruin it, as it would be kind of a sacrilege.

Fight Laziness and Incompetence

Laziness and incompetence can ruin the precious gift of freedom. Just don’t accept them as they have an adverse impact on everyone. Fight these modern calamities out of respect for everyone’s freedom.

Levelling down is a lousy solution. According to well renowned Peter principle, levelling up can be even worse as it states that almost everyone will get promoted one step above their level on competency. The difficult management solution is to have honesty to respectably put everyone in their proper place, accomplishing their most efficient role.

Other solutions exist is this daunting fight. You could simply accomplish your fair share and try to improve. Also forgive goodwill mistakes as long as they don’t get repetitive. Finally, make the effort to preach by example, teach others your techniques and help them improve.

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