March 24, 2018

Gradually Building Up a 12-Minute Workout Program

Till my late thirties, I remained quite fit. I had no real merit as exercising came easy to me. In fact, I always used to do it having fun, playing games or doing sports like golf, badminton, hockey, etc. 

A couple injuries and a knee surgery later, things were getting a tad more complicated. Predominantly due to a lack of time, of interest and opportunities, more and more, working out became a hassle. Far from being a workout maniac, I have to say gyms are not really my thing.

The problem is, even if you don’t like it, exercise is kind of mandatory for us, mere human mortals. Over time, I gained weight and my general health gradually deteriorated. My morale eventually started to be affected as I was increasingly prone to illness. I had to do something to get out of that lethal spiral. 

Then, the 12-Minute Method came to the rescue. I got the ball rolling with workout sessions of only 12-Minute every 3-4 days and progressively built up to 48 minutes every other day.

In other words, I slowly started with 12-Minute and grew it up to 48 minutes, 3 times a week. Oddly enough, these stints now equate to 144 minutes a week or 12x12-Minute.

At first, I just perceived training as an obligation and measly 12-minute sessions were kind of painful. But as my condition improved, workouts made me feel better and better. It’s now a great way to relax and release tension. What started as a burdening chore, today can provide great relief and boost my energy level.

To get to this point, little by little, I increased length of my training sessions without forgiving to build up intensity as well.

I also try to make it fun. For instance, weather permitting, training outside is always more pleasant. Likewise, associating stationary bike sessions with my favorite TV shows or watching sports, can do wonders.

Funny fact about biking: I instinctively realized with recent experiences that a significant workout consisted of at least 12 km. Once again in line with the 12-Minute Approach.

You will note I was only half way there after 12 weeks, the typical 12-Minute timeframe to implement significant improvement, probably indicating it was a major change. At that stage, I alternated between sessions of 24 and 36 minutes every 3 days or so. It took an additional 12 weeks to get to the full objective or 48 minutes, 3 times a week (every other day with a pause usually on a weekend day).

So far, taking occasional breaks, that pace has been successfully sustained for more than a year afterwards.

Over time, all that regular exercise was beneficial to controlling my weight as well. In fact, it took it down quite substantially, especially at first as I lost about 12 pounds in the initial 12-week span. Weight loss was more gradual after that, but another 12 pounds have been slimmed down since.

Being almost 6 feet tall and quite a broad-shouldered fellow, I still weigh more than 200 pounds, which kind of has been my objective all along.

Weight-wise, things have been in idle mode or even getting a tad worse since I got back to work last November. I seem to eat more while I’m working, maybe a little psychological compensation is in the works. I’m still confident I will eventually adjust and persevere to slowly trim down a pound or two here and there.

I’ll finish with another puzzling 12-Minute fact. I weighed about 232 when I hit rock bottom. My target is 199 or an improvement of 14.4%. Again, it strangely looks like 12x12=144.

Hope my humble story can motivate you to start a 12-Minute training program of your own and after some well invested efforts, make you feel as good as I am. 

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