December 24, 2017

Our Best Wishes

Wow! It’s already that time of year again! I can’t believe 2017 is almost a thing of the past...

Perhaps a sign we are not getting any younger, let’s hope it’s also an indication we are enjoying ourselves. Don’t know about you but for us, pleasant times always seem to go by much faster. And age kind of amplifies that feeling.

With big emotions, both good and bad, the last year sure still went by in a flash!

Enjoy Precious Time with Family and Friends

With a brand-new year already at our doorstep, we hope you can take a break from our hectic modern way of life and enjoy precious moments surrounded by family and friends.

Last year’s tumultuous experiences sure gave us an eye-opening perspective and renewed our focus to strive for a healthy balance life.

We are now more grateful and appreciate all we already have. We also savor our privilege of choice and cherish many possibilities to help others.

Have Faith and Dismiss Obscure Thoughts

New Star Wars movies always inspire us corny analogies and statements.

Luckily for you, this one will be quite classic and simple: « May the Force be with you! ».

We just love when a touch of Disney’s magic brings back Star Wars’ wisdom into the mix. We should be well served in the next couple years.

We will also have a great chance to experience the powerful Disney-Star Wars duo up close as we are going to Disney soon.

We look forward to sharing our magical venture with you in an upcoming post.

Meanwhile, let’s hope the Jedi in all of us can survive longer and won’t cave in to the sometimes-irresistible temptations of the dark side.

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