August 24, 2017

12-Minute Solutions

You have a problem, a difficult situation to resolve…
We probably have a 12-Minute solution, an insightful suggestion for you!

Analyzing problems differently, thru 12-Minute lens, can be quite refreshing and you’ll see that solutions can be much easier to come by adopting that special angle: the unique 12-Minute point of view.

Despite its powerful nature, we still suggest learning our somewhat atypical technique by applying it on lighter problems first. After a few training runs, being familiar with its subtleties, it will be simpler to tackle on more challenging difficulties.

Troubled by nagging problems, many get confused. Most of the time, they’ll think they are doing too little. But they could also be trying too hard and even doing too much.

The 12-Minute Method helps you measure and evaluate your efforts. The real secret is learning to do just enough. Because too little won’t allow you to accomplish anything significant and too much may get you tired, ruining your ability to carry on and sustain your effort till you achieve your definitive goal.

Staying balanced allows you can to avoid wasting precious energy. In that regard, the 12-Minute Approach can enable you to judge your effort and pace yourself. It also advocates equivalent measures allocated between your needs and activities.

In most instances, using about a dozen items will let you tap into the magic of number 12. As strange as it may sound, that mythic figure constitutes a genuinely powerful key to keep matters naturally flowing.

As you go along, you will understand the importance of 12-Minute periods (12-hour, 12-day, 12-week, 12-month, 12-year, etc.). For instance, you will give yourself time to adjust and be patient about expected progress.

The beautiful thing about all this is that, using the 12-Minute Approach, change and meaningful improvements are within everyone’s reach.

So, because everyone has at least that much to spare, take 12-Minute today to improve and make things better!

It could be by submitting us one of your problematic situations.

Feel free to write to us at or to directly comment this post if you are comfortable enough sharing your situation with everyone. We will do our best to help you start working on the matter in the 12-Minute Fashion to eventually solve it. 

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