July 24, 2017

Squirrel Your Way Out of the Rat Race

Tired of being trapped in the never ending rat race? Of living or surviving we should rather say, till your next paycheck, burning through money almost as you touch it, always wanting more and seemingly getting less?

A solution exists: simply act more like a squirrel!

Squirrels are expert savers. They work very hard to find their favourite delicacy: precious nuts. So after struggling to discover some, they stash most of it away. They know provisions will be quite useful when harder times come by.

The squirrel in you knows the value of money and can avoid wasting it. He knows how hard you worked and how much precious time you spent to earn it. He’s inclined to save in anticipation of rainier days and convinced stashing some away will someday get you free. Financially free but also liberated to spend as you wish the rarest resource of our so-called advanced era: your invaluable time.

Saving more, spending less and by the same token, struggling less can be a wonderful liberating idea.

So get some inspiration from our squirrel friend and escape the excruciating rat race. Besides, it may never be possible to get ahead of it and even less to win it anyway.

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July 12, 2017

Quickly Evaluate Stock Potential with Long-Term Chart

As we already stated in our last Portfolio Update back in May, briefly looking at long term stock graphs can tell you a lot and allow you to quickly sort out potential investing contenders.

Rarely will you let out an immediate genuine wow! Likely favourites may shockingly produce a deceiving yuck! And iffy candidates, in a flash, may appear surprisingly much brighter than anticipated.  

That first glance may sometimes leave you a little puzzled but most of the time, it will instantly fix your opinion about the long haul potential of a stock, thus changing or confirming your initial inclination.

We know past performance doesn’t guarantee future results but you surely have better chances of success choosing solid proven long term performers constantly going up than erratic unpredictable loose cannons.

July 09, 2017

Wacky Golf Fact (Revisited) – Hammering Down Tee and Walking On Water

The Wacky Golf Fact Series was originally posted in 2016.

Our initial plan was to add new articles to this fun series but the Rules Modernization proposed by the golf authorities caught us of guard.

Even though these new rules won't be in effect till January 1st 2019, they still propose major changes and will completely revolutionize they way we play golf and enforce the rules. Don't get us wrong, we welcome these changes and they should be great for golf! We are just not ready to talk and write about them yet. 

So you will note that our article still refers to the actual and soon to be thing-of-the-past golf rules.

This article was originally posted on August 18, 2016

This unusual story was related to me by my good friends, Bob and Gaby.

A couple years ago, they went out to the golf course on a cold brisk day for their first game of the season. Everyone knows it would take more than bad winter-like conditions to stop good old golf enthusiasts like them.

Yet, that morning, Bob and Gaby found out that some maniacs are wackier than others as they were paired up with 2 complete strangers…

It all started right after they introduced themselves to each other. One of these odd guys, dressed more for duck hunting than golf – but we could pardon it because it was pretty damn cold, pulled a hammer out of his golf bag!

Using Hammer to Tee Off

And not a little tiny hammer but rather one of these big construction-type metal ones with a black rubber handle!