May 06, 2017

Wake Up 12-Minute Earlier to Compensate Lack of Sleep

If you’re like me, sometimes, because of a lack of sleep, you feel excruciatingly tired when your alarm wakes you up. You would only like to comfortably stay in bed. Especially if your job isn’t that motivating. Some of these mornings, everything seems difficult, you’re stuck in neutral and can’t get going. You can even end up dragging that awful feeling all day.   

A few years back, my family doctor had a great suggestion to solve this problem: to wake up earlier! This may seem like a contradiction but it really works! At least for me…

Having a couple more minutes to spare, you can take time to relax and diminish the stress of a hectic morning routine. Just be careful not to become too relaxed and run late...

This course of action also has a complimentary beneficial effect: a tad more tired of night, you should get better deeper sleep.

Three four days and good nights into the process, you’ll feel rested, relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

So, next time a shortage of sleep leaves you repetitively stuck in bed, think of the opposite and set your alarm 12-Minute earlier to break up the vicious circle.

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