December 06, 2016

Program Yourself into More Happiness

I recently recalled some simple yet powerful tips from a book I read a while back.

Among other things, it mentioned taking some time each night to remember good deeds of your day; to replay in your mind good feelings and happy moments. The main purpose of this habit is to feed your subconscious happy images and good sensations.

For instance, I like to think about great golf shots or simply, the genuine smile I got from a complete stranger after I opened the door to her.

Anyone can tap into the power of the subconscious. Without consciously thinking about it, you can breathe and heal your small wounds. These are examples of the incredible possibilities of the subconscious.

The subconscious can do much more as it can also bring you happiness. Contrary to its logical brother, the conscious, the subconscious is not analytic and rational at all. The subconscious is also pretty bad with words and instructions; he prefers images and feelings, they talk more to him. But be careful what you present him because he won’t think before realizing it.

Source : Le Pouvoir de la pensée, Milton Cameron (1999), Quebecor.

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