December 30, 2016

Holiday Hope Wishes

On this beautiful yet cold winter day, I’m using a few words to wish all of you a happy holiday season. I hope everyone has the chance to enjoy good times and cherish quality moments with family and friends.

Have Faith and Maintain Hope

With all that’s happening in the world, I understand it could be natural to fall apart and give in to despair.

Even though I really like poutine (the French fries, cheese and gravy meal), it can be hazardous to your health if you eat it too often. And at this point in human history, the potentially explosive Poutine-Trump combination really gets me worried.

So this year, for all our sakes, I will hope for a kinder, gentler world.

Still, let’s remember it can be very difficult or even almost impossible to predict the effect of potentially catastrophic events. As we already discussed back in November, it’s even harder to act in anticipation accordingly. That’s why we try as much as possible to Only React After the Fact.

Trump’s surprise election is a great example that you can never predict how any event will really affect your portfolio and that you should react after the fact. After the Election, we thought the usual Santa Claus Rally was going to get Trumped this year. But so far, the fact is the short-term Trump Rally was even better than the old fashioned Christmas one. Will the Trump effect last, no one knows but we already know that selling in anticipation would have been a big mistake.

Some might say it can be somewhat easy to keep a cool head if you only consider economical consequences. But, in the same way, we believe that predicting the effect on people of any event if also very difficult.

Therefore, never despair when things seem to go sideways or even backwards. We have to keep faith that in the long run, the condition of all humans will still get better.

Again this year, I will use a Star Wars analogy. Like Rogue rebels, you have to maintain hope and try to do what you can to make things better and combat a Death Star in the making.

In the 12-Minute Approach, we have found our way to do little things every day to promote peace, balance and harmony in our world. I sincerely hope you can also find yours!

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