November 06, 2016

Reduce your Telecom Bill Just by Asking

The other day, my uncle Jim was furious after receiving a juicy internet bill. He initially thought he got charged too much. He immediately called his provider to complaint about the “overcharge”.

Very patiently, the customer service clerk made some verification and subsequently told him he had exceeded his transfer capacity for the last two months. Jim wasn’t happy with that yet very sensible answer and still went on grumbling.

A tiny bit later, by what seemed like insane magic, the extra charge had been reversed. On top of it, they even gave him a free upgrade so he would not bust his monthly plan anymore. What!?!

The next day, still a little angry yet proud about it, he called me. He still was worried his Wi-Fi router had been hacked and doubted the company’s assessment. I checked the logs and immediately discovered he had done it on his own. It clearly was his fault as he started to read his favorite newspaper online every day; all those presentations full of nice images and interactive videos quickly add up and could explain his sudden heavy internet usage. 

We laughed about all the fuss he had made and the fact he still got an upgrade just for calling and being a little persistent.

With my uncle’s happy fortune fresh in mind, the following week, I decided to also call my telecom provider to ask for a rebate. After just a few minutes, our monthly telecom bill was nicely reduced. Maybe not as substantially as Jim’s…still very easy money that remains in our pockets. Should have asked sooner and took note to do more often!   

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