October 12, 2016

No Need to be Perfect to Have Success

The Utopic Pursuit of Perfection

Some people think you have to be perfect to have any success and accomplish anything significant in life. Even though I’m literally allergic to incompetence, I still tend to believe quite the opposite. From my standpoint, nobody is and can be perfect, yet everyone can improve and achieve wonders.

As a sample of great accomplishments of imperfect humans until now, just look at all that fascinating technology and architectural marvels that surround us. All those things were not built perfect the first time around. We are far from perfect but still are getting somewhere. And that somewhere is most of the time, getting better and better.

Furthermore, those who try to become or remain perfect will most likely get away from their true self in the process. Their resentful and sometime annoying pursuit of perfection may also result in a lack of support from their peers.

Letting go of minor discrepancies, admitting we are all human and embracing the contribution of others to focus together on essential matters can be a much more interesting and productive approach.

Accept Occasional Mistakes

Only person who do nothing never make mistakes. You’ve got to allow yourself and others to make a few here and there.

We’re not telling you to be sloppy and to accumulate careless errors. We are rather saying that when you learn new techniques and tackle on ambitious projects, it’s normal to eventually stumble and have some missteps.

Very successful people are rarely afraid and paralyzed by potential mistakes. Because they usually have made or seen their fair share, they know by experience, they will be able to cope and deal with undesired consequences. This freed up frame of mind simply allows them to go accomplish almost anything.

When you make a mistake, just acknowledge your responsibility and fix the problem if necessary. View your mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve. Also accept you can be wrong from time to time. Try to always improve the overall process to avoid repeating and multiplying mistakes.

DIY investing is a domain where being perfect is not a necessity to succeed; our DIY Portfolio is a potent example of the phenomena. You cannot expect every investing decision you make to be right every time. Your decisions just have to be better on average. And it can be much easier to have a better average trying to hit singles instead of home runs; you won’t strike out as often. That’s why we prefer to pick solid steady boring stocks over riskier potential skyrocketing candidates.

The Challenge to Keep a Balanced Lifestyle

In a modern world were everything goes so fast, you’ve got to carefully choose your battles and accept you probably won’t be able to handle every issue.  

In that context, for most of us, gradually expanding our limits while remaining relatively balanced is an important key to long term success.

Life is more like a long lasting marathon than a quick sprint. To some extent, occasional pushes may be necessary but you should try to reduce their frequency because of their somewhat unhealthy effects. Even though everybody has the ability to rush for a little while and run faster from time to time, much more can be accomplished in the long run by keeping a steadier pace and avoiding needless stress.   

Keeping a harmonious lifestyle is not just about eating right and exercising adequately. A heathy balance between needs and activities also has to be taken into account. It’s clear you won’t be able to achieve much if you don’t work enough yet it can be a problem to sustain your efforts for a while if you work too much and don’t consider your needs enough.

A Great Method to Manage Your Progress

That’s where a powerful method like the 12-Minute Approach can really help.

This simple technique can provide you adequate guidelines to monitor your progress. It will enable you to set up meaningful yet attainable goals. It can also supply additional tools for you to improve and measure your accomplishments.

With daily and intermediate targets, you’ll be aware when you have done just enough: plenty to get you where you want to go yet not too much to get you exhausted and tired. You’ll be in a better position to judge if you need rest and when you are untitled some reward. The objective is to accomplish as much as possible with as little effort as possible.

Using the 12-Minute Method should allow you to maintain a productive pace for long periods of time. Knowing a solid system is supporting your efforts and keeping track of your ongoing progress; you’ll be motivated to cultivate your patience and persevere to meet your most ambitious long term goals.

So, don’t hesitate to adopt the 12-Minute Approach and let it guide you through your journey to long term success.

And remember that there’s no need to be perfect as getting better is probably just fine!

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