August 06, 2016

The Next Best Way of Living in the Present

Many studies and reflections on happiness seemed to point out that living in the present is an important key.

Even if I know deep down that it would obviously be the best thing for me, for some reason, I just can’t commit to that ultimate goal: to always live in the present moment. There’s no use feeling guilty about it but I’m probably still a little too weak to completely grasp and embrace that fundamental happiness concept.

Yet in recent months, I have discovered an interesting intermediate alternative: I use the 12-Minute approach to concentrate on the actual 12-Minute segment.

Now when I start a task, I focus on it and know what I’ll be doing for the next 12 minutes. At the end of the 12-Minute segment, I begin a new 12-Minute cycle with either a different task or continue with the initial one if it is not yet completed.  

That way, I’m never get too far ahead of myself and I can concentrate on what’s happening right here and now!

It may sound odd but I feel more secure taking bigger bites (12 minutes instead of an instant) with that half-way approach. It has made it easier for me to evolve towards the ultimate goal of truly living in the present!

This method also helps getting through tougher days. Sometimes, it can be a drag to motivate yourself for a whole day but you can almost always envision yourself getting by the next 12 minutes.     

Even though it’s not perfect, living in the 12 actual minutes has really made me take major steps and as time goes by, I am able to appreciate precious little moments of my life more and more. 

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