June 12, 2016

Focus Your Life On What You Love

A couple weeks ago, I was often feeling down as I got irritated and annoyed by every little detail that went wrong. I know it will probably sound very cliché but then I remembered to simply focus my life back on things and people I love.

Thinking that way again almost instantly made me feel better. Or at least, it got rid of unnecessary tension and that lighter, more relaxed atmosphere got me back on the happiness trail…

Over the years, trying to stay positive in that fashion has been the best way for me to cope with hardship and to remain happy.

So when I’m able to remind myself, I always try to focus on the fact that I love numbers, I love reading, I love writing, I love to help others, I love to play games…I sometimes love being alone but above all else, I love being a devoted father and husband!

Being There for Someone You Love

From my standpoint, passions don’t necessarily have to be complex or complicated. For many, being there for someone may not be viewed or considered as a passion at all. But for me, it’s probably the most important passion of all.

It’s not sophisticated and may not be considered cool…But in reality, most of the time, it can be fantastic when you really put you heart into it.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace the passion of simply being there for the ones you love!

Being Efficient Frees up Time for What Matter Most

Unfortunately, if real life, you cannot only do things you like or just take care of people you love. To some extent, everyone has to find a way to pay the bills and put food on the table. In that sense, some of your tasks or activities are bound to please you less.

That’s why an effective management system like the one inspired by the 12-Minute Approach can be important.

Efficient management should take care of logistics and free up time for what you love to do the most. It can greatly help your set up your schedule to maximize time to do what you passionate about.

Keep Your Misfortunes in Perspective

When you take a moment to reflect and really think about it, most of our problems are not that big of a deal. To say the least, they are usually certainly not life threatening.

Avoid overreacting as it would only give additional strength and power to your misfortunes.

It’s OK to react when something’s wrong but just don’t be too frustrated or completely paralysed by it.

Using a golf analogy, you can be unhappy about a poor shot for a moment or even let out a few bad words as long as you can concentrate on the following stroke and immediately get out of trouble (I assume that you will still respect your playing partners and the course). Your overall score should be all right if you stick to that general principle.

You just have to be careful to limit the impact of those angry moments. For instance, golf pros will always look at the line on the other side of the hole when they miss a putt even if they are unhappy about missing it. That way, they will gather precious information about the slope and break and improve their odds to be successful on their next putt.

In the same fashion, to keep morale up at work, don’t make a fuss about fastidious or boring tasks. Simply get them out of the way as effectively as you can and concentrate on more pleasing matters afterwards.

If you consider it, our world is filled with success stories. Our environment is crowded with interesting objects built by humans and most of them are working fine. Only a small percentage of these objects are broken or badly designed and don’t fulfill their function.

Most people also have satisfying lives and are doing a great job most of the time.

So why are many of us only focusing on errors and seeing problems everywhere?

View Difficulties as Opportunities for Improvement

I will admit that our world is far from perfect but our existence can still be darn good if you adopt a positive point of view.

I like to consider obstacles or difficulties as opportunities to improve.

You should be able to fix some problems yourself and slowly, steadily improve the situation bit by bit, day by day.  

Making polite and constructive suggestions can also be a very positive alternative for things out of your reach you don’t directly control.

Concentrate only on what you can really affect and change and have faith that with time, things will get better and improve.

Like everyone, you probably have passions of your own and have developed a special unique way to look at life on the bright side. Please feel free to take a moment to tell us about it!

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