December 18, 2015

Season’s Greetings

Happy Holidays to Everyone

Not my intention to brag (it will probably sound as if I’m doing it anyway) but I’m now off and will only work next year!

I know…I know…Next year is only a couple weeks away…

Still, I’m very proud to take 12 consecutive business days off !!!

If you include weekends, I’ll be out of the office for a total of 18 days…a welcome and well deserved break!

Like me, I sincerely hope everyone will be able to spend quality time and have fun with friends and loved ones during this busy and sometimes crazy holiday season. I also wish you and your family to have more happy and productive moments in the upcoming brand new year!

A Touch of Star Wars Optimism

On a different note, call me optimistic, but I recently noticed great signs that our world is improving; things may not be moving as fast as we would like…yet the overall situation seems to be steadily getting better!

Even if I’m far from an environmental activist, I see the Paris Climate Change Summit as one of those signs of better things to come. Those types of large scale changes won’t be easy to put into place but we can’t avoid them as they constitute an essential phase in mankind’s survival and evolution.

On the practical side, it would be naïve to think that the Paris Agreement will be fully implemented everywhere as to some extent, most leaders will probably cheat when they get back to their respective countries.

Still, this unprecedented historical event likely marks the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age (don’t panic, it would seem we are still 30-35 years away for the actual conclusion) and the inevitable beginning of the renewable energy era. 

Long term investors, especially Canadian ones, don’t have the luxury to ignore the economic impact of climate change or the extraordinary efforts that will be deployed to avoid it. I’m not necessarily saying to avoid affected stocks like oil companies altogether but rather to take into account that climate change considerations will eventually be a major obstacle to their ability to generate adequate profits in years to come. So, I’ll continue to invest in some of these stocks but refine my exit strategy.

Despite all these anticipated difficulties, I’m still very confident in our resolve and in the long run, our planet and economic system should be in better shape after theses massive but primordial changes have been completed.

I will leave you on this humoristic quote as I plug my well performing Disney shares:

In these wearisome times of great tribulation, may the force be with all of us!

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