November 06, 2015

Our 72-Hour Escapade to Ottawa

This year, back-to-school was kind of rough for the entire family. Little lady C had some issues adapting to a new school while Lady N and I were also facing tense working relations.

In that context, our early-November scheduled break was a relief and a nice change of pace from our hectic routine.  Caught in all that was happening; we lacked time to plan ahead for this vacation.

So at the last minute, we decided to drive to our nation’s capital for a romantic getaway (Lady C has no break this year). Even though lady N likes to travel abroad, I personally was grateful to avoid the airports and the extra cost.
Over there, the sunny yet brisk weather was quite rejuvenating. We did a lot of walking, a little shopping (to please N), ate well and visited museums. We also gamble and won a little at the Casino (to please myself). All this was quite relaxing yet not that expensive. Ottawa really has a lot to offer and we are glad we had the chance to rediscover this hidden gem.

Our shortened stay was effective to replenish our energy after an eventful couple of weeks.

Trudeau-Mania Back in Ottawa

While in Ottawa, we inadvertently witnessed what looks like renewed Trudeau-mania.

The atmosphere was exhilarating. Trudeau kind of acts more like a rock star and sure is a remarkable contrast to rigid Prime Minister Harper. He also must be a nightmare for security personnel. 

Trudeau’s style is refreshing and a lot of people seem inspired by it. Looks like he will try to rally supporters around values borrowed from his father handbook and revert to their definition of good old Canadian identity.

For Canadian investors, let’s hope Trudeau’s economic polities remain sensible and as friendly as those of the previous Conservative government.

Let’s also wish this chance of scenery gives a boost to the Canadian economy as it has been staggering of late.

That’s it for my brief interlude.

Photo by me

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