June 12, 2015

A Fresh Start

Earlier this year, after enduring somewhat serious health issues, I decided it was time for me to get back to writing. Both my physical and mental wellbeing were depending on it.

I started by focusing my efforts on the second part of my novel. After a while, it became obvious that the next step was to revive my blog, as I kind of neglected it following a strong year in 2012.

But was I in for a pretty bad surprise!

Stupid Technical Problems

A couple of careless manipulations later, I experienced some technical problems and erased all content of the blog. I also had committed the digital cardinal sin: no backup!

That was a huge disappointment! All those hours down the drain…

As a computer specialist, I should have known better. But let me loosely employ the French expression : « Le cordonnier est toujours le plus mal chaussé » by referring to the ill-shod shoemaker.

The initial shock passed, I managed to find old drafts and restore most posts. But all comments and pictures on the blog were still lost for good.  

After sobbing for about a week, I choose to view this huge misfortune as an opportunity to revamp the whole thing. So, here we are!

Provide Different Perspective

You can find numerous passionate and interesting personal finance and investing bloggers out there. So I asked myself: why would people take time to read and interact with me?

There’s no use to repeat the same things others already are doing very well.

Therefore, from now on, I’ll try to focus on the added value I can provide others. I’ll still recommend you bloggers I like or point you to interesting sources of information.  

But my main goal will be to approach things from a different angle and to provide new perspective.

For example, while presenting the Tools I frequently use, I’ll introduce you to new useful ones like the Dip Factor.

Everyone Can Make Things Better

Another concern of mine is to help and inspire others.

I’m an Average Guy that one day decided to gradually Escape 9-to-5. I’m not a financial expert and my investing decisions are far from perfect but I still manage to Save and Invest Effectively.

I’m a big fan and follower of people like Jason over at the Dividend Mantra. Bloggers like him that go all-in are really inspiring for me.

But their story and success can seem a bit out of reach for most of us ordinary folks.

I think it can be easier for many people to relate to modest ambitions so I’ll try to provide more tangible possibilities. I hope more attainable and sustainable objectives can inspire others to follow and improve on their own.

I’m deeply convinced that everyone can make a difference and make things better.

Anyone can start today by simply investing 12-Minute of their time to make our world better.

Please Help Me

Many of us think we live in a harsh and crazy world; I still like to maintain high hopes for a better tomorrow.

I’m trying my best to do my part by hosting this blog. Maybe you could help me a little to revive it.
Please leave your comment and suggestions.

Thank you! 

                    JD now at your service as
                    The 12-Minute Fellow

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