June 12, 2015

A Fresh Start

Earlier this year, after enduring somewhat serious health issues, I decided it was time for me to get back to writing. Both my physical and mental wellbeing were depending on it.

I started by focusing my efforts on the second part of my novel. After a while, it became obvious that the next step was to revive my blog, as I kind of neglected it following a strong year in 2012.

But was I in for a pretty bad surprise!

Stupid Technical Problems

A couple of careless manipulations later, I experienced some technical problems and erased all content of the blog. I also had committed the digital cardinal sin: no backup!

That was a huge disappointment! All those hours down the drain…

As a computer specialist, I should have known better. But let me loosely employ the French expression : « Le cordonnier est toujours le plus mal chaussé » by referring to the ill-shod shoemaker.

The initial shock passed, I managed to find old drafts and restore most posts. But all comments and pictures on the blog were still lost for good.  

After sobbing for about a week, I choose to view this huge misfortune as an opportunity to revamp the whole thing. So, here we are!