December 12, 2012

12-Minute Principles

There's more to the 12-Minute Approach than great number 12. Some principles and premises also inspire this revolutionary method.

They are exposed here with some brief explanations:

1-Realize Your Dreams  

Having dreams is essential. Dreams give life a meaning. They give you a purpose and a sense of direction.

Planning to realize your dreams is also important. By setting goals and making plans, you’ll move closer to your dreams.

Your unconscious and intuition will guide you thru the venture even if you don’t possess all the details right now.

2-Be Efficient

Being efficient allows us to make our life easier and to accomplish more. Working less but achieving more is always desirable.

Develop your lazy side. Famous inventions and colossal achievements often come from intelligent but somewhat lazy people.

November 12, 2012

12-Minute and Your Career

The 12-Minute Approach offers you a multitude of techniques to improve your job and career.

Here are some ideas we hope will inspire you on the way to becoming real happy and efficient professionals in your respective fields.

Achieve A Little More Each Day

A quick and easy way to start improving right away is to take 12-Minute to accomplish one simple extra action each day.

Try to evolve by taking one different action that really counts. This single additional task is pretty simple to implement.

It should slowly but surely spread improvement around you without disturbing you too much. After a while, you’ll be able to incorporate another new action in your routine. And so on…Little by little, you will adapt and things will get better without disrupting your routine excessively.

October 12, 2012

Magical Number 12

The more we look at it, the more Number 12 appears Magical!

In its original stages, our research revolved more around number 15.
But, as soon as we dug deeper, 12 evidently became the front running candidate. 

For one thing, a dozen always fits way better in a box!

More seriously, remarkable Twelve as deep roots throughout History; 
it even has some kind of mystical character associated to it.

The Number of Nature

To start, twelve really seems tightly linked and related to Nature.

The 12 months of the year…

September 12, 2012

Investing The 12-Minute Way

Keep It Simple

You should only use financial products you understand. So, stick to the basics. Complex and complicated products often only serve those who sell them.

Same goes for stocks, only invest in solid companies you know and understand.

In this great Internet/Information era, it’s relatively simple to get data on any public company. To stay effective, we recommend you only take 12-Minute when you first analyze a potential candidate for your portfolio or watch list.  

Furthermore, many Dividend Stocks are companies you already know about and thus, it should be somewhat easy for you to understand their business model. With experience, it will become more and more obvious for you to qualify candidates.

August 12, 2012

12-Minute Diet and Meal Planner

When it comes down to food, the 12-Minute Way can be quite useful to help you manage your diet and plan your meals. 

There’s more to it than the common dozen eggs.

Because approximately 40% of food goes to waste in America, an incredible opportunity for improvement exists in the vast food domain, an opportunity to save precious resources and money.

But also an opportunity to reduce stress and free up some of your schedule because, day after day, food preparation can sometimes be pretty hectic and time consuming.

Try to Relieve Pressure from Your Tight Schedule

Invest a little time on planning your meals, you will greatly benefit from it.

One general measure that can be taken is to try to relieve pressure on moments your schedule is tight.

July 12, 2012

12-Minute Ways to Have a Better Day

Here are some simple 12-Minute Ideas to help things go smoothly; to have a brighter and merrier day.

Sometimes, 12-Minute it’s all it takes!

1-Wake Up 12-Minute Earlier

This will allow you to take time to smell the roses and relax before you start your morning routine or
to take a little more time before you embark in a busy work day.  

2-Take 12-Minute to Breathe

Take a break during an hectic day and just breathe!

3-Invest 12-Minute to Plan Your Day

Plan you day early in the morning or the next one late at night.

June 12, 2012

12-Minute Meetings

Sometimes, meetings can be a drag, especially when your boss likes to listen to himself for endless and countless hours. Furthermore, he’ll probably be upset afterwards because you missed some of his points and you lacked time to complete all your work.

Maybe someone could introduce him to the 12-Minute Segment Rule.

Use The 12-Minute Segment Rule

During a meeting, each speech or presentation should be limited to 12-Minute segments because for most people, the optimum concentration period is only 12 minutes. Beyond that, the average person won’t be able to focus and follow explanations.  

To effectively get your point across, try to stay concise and brief.

If your topic requires more time, you should at least plan to change the pace after 12 minutes. For instance, you could answer questions, tell a funny story, use a different media or set up a brainstorming session.

May 12, 2012

12-Minute Balance

Many believe that one of the most important keys to happiness is balance. Sadly, many lives equate to a never ending juggling act struggling in search of that so elusive concept.  

The 12-Minute Approach offers you simple yet powerful ways to achieve that so precious balance in your life.

Let’s hope that, by focusing on rhythm, order and harmony, these 12-Minute Ideas help you strive toward that balance so essential to your happiness and well-being.

Equal Balance between Needs and Activities

In order to stay happy yet still be effective, your life should be equally balanced between your needs and your activities.

Thus, on average, you should devote half of your day (12 hours) to your needs (sleeping, eating, resting, clothing…) and the other half (12 hours again) to your activities (work, study, play…).

April 12, 2012

Housekeeping The 12-Minute Way

Living in a clean environment can contribute to your well-being and happiness but proper housekeeping takes time.

So, here are some 12-Minute Ideas to keep your house neat and tidy. Hope this helps make your home more peaceful, relaxing and inspiring.

Divide Your Home in 12 Distinct Areas and Adopt The Special-Room of The Week Approach 

After dividing your house in 12 Areas (or 12 Rooms), pay special attention to one specific area each week.

March 12, 2012

12-Minute and Your Schedule

The 12-Minute Approach can be applied tons of ways to your schedule. We will submit you some ideas here but the possibilities are almost endless.

Why 12 Minutes

Using the 12-Minutes Approach will allow you to be more efficient; doing something different only 12 minutes every day can produce surprising results.

If you break down your day in 12-Minute Periods, you’ll find that there are 120 such Periods:

1 day = 24 hours x 60 minutes =
24 hours x 5 x 12-Minute = 120 x 12-Minute

February 12, 2012

Workout The 12-Minute Way

Whether you want to lose some weight or be in better shape, a simple solution exists:

Add a 12-Minute Workout to your daily routine!

Taking an extra 12 minutes a day or 1 hour a week to work out can greatly improve your figure and your general health.

Don’t serve me the “I don’t have time” excuse because people spend an average of 20 hours a week watching TV. If you can’t do without your favourite shows, you could at least exercise while enjoying them.

January 12, 2012

12-Minute Basics

Help To Change

By suggesting simple methods and unique ideas, the 12-Minute Approach will help you implement change and improve.

For exemple, for most people, the optimum concentration period is only 12 minutes. That is, the time they can really focus on a task.

So, learn to concentrate harder and focus on what’s at hand. Also consider that some change of pace may often help.