January 25, 2011

Simply Avoid Wasting

Our society encourages Consumption and Waste

Nowadays, consumer society exposes us to multiple abuses. It’s still possible to afford good time and a little bit of luxury without necessarily wasting.

In fact, by avoiding waste, you'll probably have even more means to get what you really need and want.

More Quality

Why do we always want more? Focus more on quality rather than quantity. Particularly invest in the quality of your relationships; their value is priceless.

So buy large quantities only if you are sure to consume everything. It’s not a problem to buy 50 rolls of toilet paper; you'll use them one day or another. It may be more wasteful to purchase large crates of fresh fruits or vegetables.

Reducing waste will surely benefit your wallet; but it’s not only a question of money. It will also have a great effect on the environment.

Only What you Need

Try to buy according to your actual needs and only as you consume. Do not purchase something just because it’s on sale.

Thus, even if ketchup is free of charge at your local restaurant, take only what you really need.
You can always return for more if necessary. This way, you also allow the owner to save and ultimately, he will be able to offer you more interesting products at a lower price.

Plan a Weekly Menu

Another idea is to plan a weekly menu and make a list before going to the grocery store. In addition to saving money, you won't throw away and waste precious food.

Recycle and Centralize storage of Office Supplies

At work, look around to see the incredible amount of office supplies that everyone keeps “just in case”. Instead, gather everyone’s supplies in a single cabinet or room and only take small quantities out of storage as your need it.

Think Green

Water is also a resource that many people waste because it’s often free and relatively abundant in our country. Water reserves are however not inexhaustible and it could quickly become very rare.

Then, be intelligent and creative to find ways to save. The planet and your wallet would be in much better shape.

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