January 17, 2011

Ask Your Employees To Evaluate You

The Best People to Evaluate Your Work

Your employees are insiders and they know your business pretty well. Give them a chance to evaluate you. Not you personally but your work and business system. They will love to reverse the roles for once and they will usually summit some constructive ideas.

Annual evaluation meetings can prove to be an excellent occasion for the members of your organization to express their opinion on the leaders of the company.

If necessary, do it in an anonymous way. For example, your evaluation could consist of a) a general grade, b) one positive comment, c) one negative comment and d) constructive suggestions.

Make it clear that evaluating the boss in not a free ticket for bashing. It must be viewed as a way to get ideas to improve the system and to do better business.

Some suggestions may still involve changes that you will have to make personally like approving requests faster. But they should never attack you in a personal matter.

Welcome Suggestions All Year

Your employees should also have possibilities to make suggestions throughout the year outside the annual evaluation process. A suggestion box can be used to achieve this.

Make sure to properly follow up on all suggestions. A committee can quickly analyse each suggestion and propose the implementation of the best ones. 

Be open to suggestions, your employees will feel great if they think they can help you make things better.

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