November 15, 2010

Keep a Detailed Price List of Products That You Buy Frequently

Write Down a Detailed List

Most of us do not have a precise idea of the price of products they regularly buy. A good way to remedy the situation is to establish in writing a detailed list of products you buy frequently. Products like butter, paper tissues, canned peas, bread…

Your list should include the price of each product as well as the corresponding quantity. It could also include the brand and the store where you usually purchase it. We should not forget fruits and vegetables or other products you buy in bulk.

Regular and Special Prices

It might also be interesting to indicate the price you usually pay (regular price) but also the best price you got (best special price).

This list will help you evaluate your purchases, identify specials and most importantly, compare prices and products.

Be sure to compare equivalent quality and quantity.

A Tool for Informed Consumer

It will take you a while to build your list for the first time but it should be pretty simple to maintain it afterwards by making regular updates.

This should make you a well informed consumer and will surely result in interesting savings. Be sure to bring your list every time you shop.

Envoy shopping!

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