October 26, 2010

Systematically Use the Small Tasks Method

Simplify All Tasks

Want to be better organized; one of the first things to do is to adopt the Small Tasks Method.

This method consists of bringing all your tasks into a relatively simple level by breaking down too complex tasks into several smaller and easier to accomplish tasks.

The effectiveness of this method, simplistic at first glance, has been proven over time. Its psychological effects on motivation and productivity are undeniable.

Mysteriously, it’s more interesting to have accomplished 10 tasks out of 40 than 1 out of 4. You have the impression of having completed more.

More Simple Small Pieces

At the start of a project, it’s easier to deal with a few small pieces than trying to climb the mountain all at once.

When you have little time, it’s often possible to still go forward by performing at least one simple task. This can be particularly effective near the end of the day.

However, you must also use your judgment and not divide your work into too small pieces. You would lose precious time handling too small and too many tasks. Over time, you will find the balance that suits you best.

A Good Way to Organize

This method of fragmentation is an excellent way to organize and will help you, with experience, to develop procedures and effective action plans.

This will also allow you to tackle several projects at the same time. This variety will make work less boring.

This method is also known as the Small Steps Method or the Sausage Method. A sausage can be cut in several slices to make it easier to swallow. Too thin slices stick in the throat and can suffocate you.

Some points applied in the 12-Minute Approach are inspired in part by the Small Tasks Method.

So, organize yourself and take action using this particularly pleasant and efficient method!

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