October 29, 2010

Simply Use Common Sense and Better Judgment

This may seem obvious but in finance or life in general, many do not use common sense or they often demonstrate bad judgment. Is it because they are eager for easy solutions or quick profits?

Too Good to be True

Then, if it sounds too good to be true: it’s probably not true! I'm not saying that opportunities to get rich or to improve our lives do not exist. But, I’m only saying that these opportunities rarely come from a stranger, who writes you an email telling you that by giving him some money, you will obtain ten times more...

You Know What Works for You

In everyday life or in your wildest projects; work hard, carry out all necessary checks and listen to yourself: you always know what’s good and works better for you.

Therefore, in all your projects, avoid scams, apply common sense and simply exercise better judgment!

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