September 16, 2010

Use Online Tools to Evaluate Your Power Consumption

Many power suppliers offer online tools to evaluate your power consumption and to help you save money and resources.

Online Questionnaire to Evaluate your Electricity Consumption

For example, Hydro-Quebec’s interactive and personalized web questionnaire “Mieux consommer” can help you evaluate your electricity consumption.

It will only take you a few minutes to answer the questionnaire. They will actually fill in the blanks using your real electricity consumption from what they have on file.

The interactive tool generates a report on your power consumption and will suggest different solutions to quickly reduce your electricity consumption and bill.

You can find this tool here:

Invest a Little Time to Save Money and Help the Environment 

We are not here to advertise Hydro-Quebec but their interactive tool allows you to, first, save electricity but also to save some money.

So Invest a few minutes to answer the questions and take the first steps that will help you save today.

It will benefit you and your family but also be helpful to the environment.
So please do your small part!

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