August 13, 2010

Find A Good Family Doctor While You Are Healthy

Your Access-Point to the System

Nowadays, it is essential to have a good family doctor. Indeed, a good family physician will give you access to the whole healthcare system and its services.

Our healthcare system is not as bad as we believe; it is often only difficult to gain proper access to it.

Register Your Family Before You Get Sick

Because the registration process is usually pretty long, do what necessary now while you are still in good health and that you can bare the dreaded waiting-list. Even if this can take several months, it will be worth the wait.

Register all members of the family with the same doctor. Your future doctor is perhaps in a neighboring city, so make sure to check all services available in your surrounding area.

Several Services for the Entire Family

With a unique family doctor, you can get help to monitor all family members’ health. You can also save time by combining some appointments.

Other services are also available through your family physician. Healthcare hotlines are very useful in many situations. A nurse assesses each case, answers your questions, proposes solutions and refers you to the right service if necessary.

For urgent matters, the nurse can even get you an appointment with another physician if yours is not available. This helps you avoid the endless waiting in clinics or hospitals emergencies.

So, a good family doctor will make sure you can obtain quality healthcare services as soon as possible. Good quality services exist; you only need to know how to access them. Ask your local healthcare center.

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