July 19, 2010

Avoid Extras And Gimmicks When Shopping

Just Say No!

This may seem a bit simplistic but when you shop: avoid gimmicks!

For example, don't buy the doubled-price-shining-bottle thing we strongly suggest for your new shoes. I am not saying not to care for your shoes, but there’s probably a way to do it without the little-20 bucks bottle.

In fact, don’t be surprised at the cash register by the offer, do not get caught and do not be afraid to simply say: "No, thank you!" However, don’t be mad at the person begin the counter; she’s only doing what the boss is asking.

Extras Can Really Add Up

A classic is the cell phone or electronic device scam. For these you must buy a nice leather case, an adapter, a charger, batteries, a memory card and, do not forget, spare batteries. And yes, the inevitable monthly service-plan. After all these gadgets, you get a pretty expensive bill. It’s not forbidden to recycle a case or batteries whenever possible.

The sales strategy is simple: to get you to the store with good prices and sell you extras afterwards.

Intangible Extras are a Pest Too

Also avoid the maintenance-service plan, the famous extended-warranty plan, insurance-plans of any kind and hidden costs like processing or administration fees. If one of these plans interests you, don’t yield to the pressure of adding it on the spot, ask for some time to think about it and make your final decision with a cool head.

To summarize, just stay away from gimmicks, gadgets, scams and additional fees of any kind.

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