July 16, 2010

Apply Medical Expenses For The Whole Family On The Same Tax Return

Because your medical expenses deductions are reduced according to your income (3% of your income), rather than using them separately, it is permitted and advantageous to claim medical expenses on the same federal tax return for the entire family.

You may simply not reach your income reduction limit if you use these deductions on separate returns.

You can deduct medical expenses made for yourself, your spouse or your children if they were paid by you or your spouse.


Let’s suppose both Mom and Dad have a $50 000 taxable income and that, medical expenses are $1000 for Mom, $800 for Dad and $400 for Baby.

Claimed separately, Mom (with Baby’s expenses included) would get no deduction
($1000+$400-$50000x3% = $1400-$1500 = -$100 < $0).
No deduction for Dad either
($800-$50000x3% = $800-$1500 = -$700 < $0)

But if Mom claimed all the family’s medical expenses on her return, she would deduct 700$.
($1000+$400+$800-$50000x3% = $2200-$1500 = $700)

Don't forget to include insurance premiums paid by both spouses in your medical expenses.

Please refer to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website for specific information:

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